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Installation Overview

STEP 1 - Level and secure hang track at desired height (72 in. to 84 in.). Use appropriate hardware to fasten each hole.

STEP 2 - Install standards 24 inches apart measuring from the center of each standard.

STEP 3 - Assemble shelf with brackets. Insert brackets with shelf at desired height.

STEP 4 - Install brackets to desk top. Secure desk leg.

STEP 5 - Mount assembled desk top to standards. Recommend 2-person lift.

STEP 6 - Adjust feet to desired height. Feet are adjustable up to 2 inches.

STEP 7 - Level standards vertically, then secure standards to wall with appropriate hardware.

ShelfTrack® Elite Home Office Organizers

Follow installation steps 1-3 and 7
Recommended Height: Minimum of 55 inches

Bookshelf Kit